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Portrait In Space And Rhythm

Jan Kaspersen:Portrait In Space And Rhythm. Compilation 1986-96

01 Chopped in the can (from Heavy Smoke) 3:50
02 Rag For Jelly Roll (from JK & SOB:Live in Cph.Jazzh.) 4:10
03 Gymnopédie No.1 (from Erik Satie:3 Gymnopédies) 2:52
04 Revelations Of You (from Space And Rhythm Jazz) 4:52
05 I Mean Monk (from Ten By Two) 4:15
06 In Walked Bud (from Memories Of Monk) 3:40
07 The Rope Trick (from JK & TDRJO:Live in Cph. Jazzh.) 5:48
08 Gnossiénne No.4 (from Erik Satie:3 Sarabandes)
09 Easy Talk (from Special Occasion) 5:25
10 Monday Morning (from Ballads And Cocktails) 3:47
11 Brain Circus (from Joining Forces) 5:04
12 Previous unreleased tracks from the session released as Jan Kaspersen Quintet:Live In Sofies Cellar Vol.1.
13 Half Past Now (Kaspersen) 7:50
14 Bizarre Ballet (Kaspersen) 12:20

Olufsen Records DOCD 5356

Jan Kaspersen,piano
Anders Bergcrantz,trumpet
Bob Rockwell,saxophone
Peter Danstrup,bas
Ole Rømer,drums  

All Kaspersen compositions copyright Xander Music/KODA.

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